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About Hope Cove

No Paperwork. No Hassles. No Delay. Just Help!

Hope Cove is available for all family dynamics, including single dads, grandparents and foster parents.

Hope Cove provides immediate assistance for items such as diapers, formula, breastfeeding pumps and supplies, family hygiene products and more.

ID and paperwork is not needed to receive help!

“People coming out of homelessness, people who live in weeklies, people who live in motels, people living with family. They just cannot supply those things,” said Dukie. “So, for those people, I founded Hope Cove."

Hope Cove has helped more than 3,300 families since May of 2020

Hope Cove is reliant on Donations and Grants to stay open. You can donate HERE.

If you need help, please contact Hope Cove at hopecoveportland@gmail.com, or reach out via Facebook, HERE

Our Founder Tami Jo Dukie

Tami Jo Dukie - Founder

As families across the valley struggle to stay afloat, many Southern Nevadans are stepping up to help. One of those people is a local woman who turned her living room full of donations into a full blown charity!

“It’s probably the single most fulfilling thing, outside of my own motherhood, that I’ve ever done,” shared Tami Dukie, founder and President of Hope Cove.

She founded the Nonprofit in May of 2020, after seeing so many families struggle to feed and care for their babies in Clark County.

“A teenage momma had her little baby with her, and her baby was wearing, hand to God, paper towels wrapped in cling wrap for a diaper,” recounted Dukie. “I cried for 20 minutes after she left.”

Initially, she used her living room as a central location to collect donations from across the valley. What started as a few boxes soon stacked to the ceiling.

“It snowballed. It just grew and grew and grew,” said Dukie. “Soon, we were bursting out of my house.”

The original Las Vegas location has closed down, the Founder has moved out of state. We are happy to announce that a brand new location will be opening soon in Portland with a brand new team!

Families are able to come for assistance, no questions asked.